Customer is most important to any business. Meeting his interests is crucial for the success and longevity of any company irrespective of its magnitude, wealth and credibility. Customer behaviour is very unpredictable so it is a big challenge to companies. As the world is changing, so are his interests. To track these interests, companies are now taking the help of technology.

When the business landscape of the past is observed, a lot of change is noticed in customer tendencies. In the past, there was sufficient time for the companies to meet the requirements of their customers. So, they used to attend to the needs of their customers leisurely. The businesses were not digital in the past and all the tasks were performed manually. This trend slowly evolved into a complete digital business of the modern day.

Market is full of competition at any given point of time and the players are eager to adopt innovative methods to stay ahead of their competitors. Technology is a part of this innovative journey. Adoption of AI is a significant step in modern day business. A business is a collective unit of many departments. There must be proper co-ordination among all the departments to improve the revenue and credibility of the company. This can be achieved by integrating AI to the business functions.

The role of AI in modern day business is massive and the companies which are not embracing this technology are sure to remain backward. How AI can help in better customer experience is a very important area of study. For instance, a customer is going through an application on web. Some suggestions appear on the screen, based on his interests. People generally have entrenched habits, and it is very difficult to persuade them without appealing proof. The source for the appearance of these suggestions is the customer’s previous purchase behaviour. Based on the previous data, the system understands the interests of the user and generates a suggestion. The possibility of this suggestion getting converted into a deal is more than the previous possibilities of manual persuasion. This is advantageous both to the user and to the business in terms of money, time and effort. Orders can be placed by sitting at home or from any place without going physically to the place where purchases are made. In the olden days, people used to go to a mall and give the list of items needed. Then if the user wants some additional goods or wishes to change the order, he used to call up the customer service and inform the same. It was very difficult to get the line connected and the order used to get completed without the changes wanted by the customer. But, the modern day system is different. Orders can be placed, edited or cancelled just by a click of button. This is a great transformation in customer experience. There are many examples to describe the role of AI in improving customer experience.

So, it is not astonishing to believe that the modern-day business is left with no option to avoid the adoption of AI in real life demands. Spar Information Systems has an expert team with profound experience in AI. We are willing to be a part of your transformation.