The only thing that is constant in this world is change. The world of technology is very dynamic and it is changing its course everyday based on the necessities of human life. The constant pursuit to redefine the existing spectrum lays foundation for all the technological discussions. There is a common phenomenon these days in technology enterprises across the globe. People are discussing about Machine learning and the changes it can bring in the current pattern of society.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are very critical terms which are slightly different from each other. In simple terms, Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that can analyze and interpret patterns and structures to enable decision making beyond human interaction. Based on the input data collected from algorithm, the computer can make recommendations. With its capacity to deplete human intervention, ML is now gaining a lot of attention with its potential to perform certain tasks which are difficult for humans.

The Machine Learning field is dynamic like any other technology and is continuously evolving. One of the most significant points for the growing popularity of Machine Learning is its ability to make high value predictions which can help in real-time situations. There were apprehensions about AI in the past that artificial intelligence could be a great threat to human employment. Not affected by these apprehensions, the companies are moving rapidly to embrace these new technologies to attain competitive advantages.  

Opportunities come in different ways and open minds grab them. Automated Machine Learning is a true symbol of transformational opportunity which refers to the application of automated process to real-world problems. Automated Machine Learning keeps an open door for customers to obtain benefits and enables the quick decision making power of the organizations. It is a great innovation in the field of technology and has the capacity to transform the quality of life across the globe by winning over any impossibility, without showing any impact on the employment of human resources.

Humans exhibit resistance to change but deny automated decisions. Automation may affect a few sectors, but it is completely wrong to say that there will not be jobs for humans in all the sectors due to automation. The impact of automation will be there, but it is similar to what it was before. This challenge continues to prevail in technology and the humans need to keep themselves abreast with the trend and stay updated to safeguard their role as potential and efficacious users of technology. Human trust and the adoption of automated machine learning tools purely hinge on the capability to make automated decisions.

The achievement of optimal results requires the understanding of large-scale intelligence. Organizations must install automated machine learning technologies as per the strategy designed by the teams. Such an approach will not only increase the agility but also the scalability of organizations. Automated machine Learning can perform many tasks which humans cannot. So, it is nothing wrong to embrace this technological revolution.

With so much of influence and ability to transform the way of the world, automated machine learning is perceived as the change seed.