Business Intelligence is a set of concepts used to improve the business performance by utilizing the available information intelligently. In BI, technologies are used to convert data, which is collected from different sources, into meaningful information for use in business. This transformation enables strategic decision making. In other terms, it is doing business by using tools and technologies that are intelligent. There are many definitions of BI, but the simplest is doing business by adding external intelligence.

Operational efficiency is the quality of work with which an organization functions from the beginning to the end of service. It covers all the processes of a system. Business Intelligence is one of the factors that contribute to the improvement of operational efficiency of a system. Many organisations are improving their operational efficiency by promoting Business Intelligence in their work.

We are living in the era of data disruption. Enterprises are adopting latest solutions to make use of this data. With technological spectrum stretching so far, adopting to the situation and staying ahead of the curve has become mandatory for the organizations. So, they are busy in developing latest BI solutions. These solutions generally include the software which has the ability to create value from Big Data.

Every organization has few special metrics. The BI tools make use of these metrics to measure historical and current data to draw insights and predict the future. This prediction enables the enterprises to design a strategy for future use.  Technology is changing every day. It is very essential for businesses to observe these changes and update their technological strength. Hence, a prudent, efficient and effective BI system is necessary to tackle with the prevailing situation. There are many ways in which BI can help an organization. It supports to establish a strong customer relation management policy. With the help of this strategy, it is easy to understand the customer behaviour and buying patterns. It helps the executives to make informed decisions. Further, BI helps in cost reduction, identifies new business opportunities and locates the area of business which is under performing.

Operational efficiency does not come easily. It requires a committed workforce and a robust strategy to identify the bottle necks in the process and to influence all layers of the organization. Business Intelligent Solutions impact all the major areas of a company and hence, there is every possibility of improving operational efficiency as well.