We are living in the world of data and data is the new gold. It is a challenge for the companies to unleash the strategic value of data. Globally, tremendous progress is witnessed in the efforts of companies to achieve mature data capabilities, but the expected change to be a data-driven company is not coming so easily for most of them. It is expected that the companies will lift their data maturity to a considerable level in near future, though it is a difficult task.

It has become very important for the companies to embrace this technological innovation and improve their cost performance and business revenues. Today, Data and Data analytics are the true differentiators. It is a fact that many companies have already achieved success by using this technology. Good data starts with great governance. Data Governance is a significant segment in any enterprise. The most important part of it is the management of the availability and usability of data while ensuring the security.

Data Governance is essential for the formal and proper management of data throughout the business. It ensures quality, and therefore, it is essential for some domains of business. With specific reference to compliance, the statement stands true. Every business needs clean data for present and future needs. Better quality of data puts businesses above the curve and empowers them to execute things quickly. In spite of the awareness of the miracles which data can create, enterprises are still not realizing this data revolution. There are multilevel ramifications on organizations which are not embracing the data revolution. Data governance is a complex structure, and it is undisputed that in the coming years, companies with the best data capabilities will rule the business world

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