Every business gets data through its regular operations. This data size varies from business to business. In general, there are three types of data: Unstructured, Semi- Structured, Structured. All this data must be used by the company to draw insights for better business outcomes. Data governance is a company specific policy which looks into all the aspects related to data starting from the collection to its security. It includes people, processes and technology to ensure seamless flow of information throughout the enterprise.

Data has paramount importance in the modern business ecosystem. There will be regular meetings in the companies to discuss the management of data. Ironically, most of the data captured is found to be defective. This problem must be addressed by the companies to ensure better outcomes because data holds high significance in business perspective.

Data Governance requires a committed team of experts with vast knowledge on all areas of data governance. It can be divided into certain elements. Data is a strategic asset of the organization and it is everyone’s duty to ensure that all the elements are properly managed. Data quality is one of the most important elements of a Data Governance Policy. Ensuring data quality is a big task because it brings many conflicts and imbalances among various departments.  

Data is the most essential component of any business, so, it must be carefully handled. Another important element of data governance is data security. The true purpose of data governance in an enterprise is to ensure accuracy and consistency. It also helps in keeping the data accessible and be compliant to regulatory norms.

A data Governance Program must be given top priority by the management. It is always good to have a team which looks after all the major elements of data governance. This process requires a strategic approach to highlight the importance of data governance. A comprehensive data program that caters all the needs of the company may be effective in improving productivity by eliminating obstacles.

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