SPAR has built an efficient platform to help clients meet compliance with regulatory norms. Our erudite diagnostic process helps clients face the challenges of today’s regulatory environment by an in-depth analysis of their compliance programs.



We perform an in-depth analysis of different metrics involved in the process. Our team of experts help clients to meet all the regulatory norms. We enable the transformation of our client by providing the best advisory services.                                            

Compliance Program Assessments

In Spar’s Compliance Program Assessment, we assess the quality of the compliance program by comparing it with organizations of similar size, features and footprint. We work in an ever-evolving landscape and ensure that the program meets globally recognized industry accepted standards and help in closing the gaps in risk mitigation.

Compliance Program Design

In an atmosphere where change is a perpetual challenge, conventional approaches do not suffice. Our compliance program is designed to help your organization follow industry best practices. Our hands-on approach enables you to meet all compliance requirements.

Data Analytics

Spar’s Big Data solutions are very innovative and can incorporate multiple, distinctive data sources very effectively and assess huge volumes of data and can decrease compliance analytics cycle times significantly.

Model Risk Management

Spar’s well-crafted Risk Management Model comprehends the risk profile and enables the application of appropriate processes to AML compliance program to extenuate risk. This assessment process equips the management to better identify and reduce gaps in the enterprise’s controls.

Compliance system implementation, testing, tuning and optimization

In the wake of current disruption, it is essential to review all the regulatory programs periodically to confirm the functional efficiency. Spar’s model plays a big role in this review by enabling the enterprises to arrive at evidence-based decisions based on actionable insights. Spar’s multi-phase analysis plans to design, test and changes to the system that can enhance the efficiency of the system.

Data Governance and Data Validation

Our Data Governance and Data Validation is a combination of management and technical disciplines which ensures the availability of the right data at the right time to satisfy specific business needs of enterprises.

Model Validation & Certification

Today, banks and other financial institutions are subjected to increased regulatory scrutiny. It has become essential for them to understand and conduct independent validations of their AML models. Spar models are validated prior to full implementation and later throughout the life of the model.

Spar’s big data practice is all about turning the inherent potential into profits. As champions of the art of data, we have made our presence felt in every vertical.

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