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Cloud Operations

Cloud Development Integration and Migration

Cloud solutions are not merely a nice-to-have technology upgrade. They are the digital innovation that’s essential for any organization wanting to embrace the future and succeed in a world driven by data and insight-rich decision making.

With a diverse service catalogue and selected add-on services based on corporate business needs, SPAR offers a clearly defined operating model. Furthermore, a solid approach to service transition and the seamless integration of services across the landscape guarantee zero or minimal service disruption during transitions.

SPAR Cloud Operation architecture focuses on an end-to-end approach with automation, backed by data and AI, to give meaningful actionable information that leads to long-term business benefits.


SPAR's Cloud Strategy services are your entry point on the cloud journey, setting the goals, pace, and direction to fit your business objectives

Strategy And Architecture

We assist our clients in developing a thorough, unique cloud strategy and architecture. This involves assisting them with the development of a business case and rationale for management, as well as finding opportunities throughout their technology stack.Our experts assist our customers in migrating to the cloud by defining a suitable cloud architecture and strategy.

Migration And Modernization

By connecting our integrated approach with your company goals, SPAR can help you expedite your transformation process. Our cloud computing professionals will collaborate with you to achieve a faster, more fluid, and cost-effective transfer, avoiding issues such as business disruption and downtime.

Managed Cloud Operations

We can help you design, create, and manage complex systems that streamline business processes and workflows while substantially reducing costs. SPARs Managed Cloud Services have built-in governance features that satisfy financial, technological, and operational concerns, as well as security regulatory compliance requirements.

Cloud Security & Resiliency

Our specialist consultants work with you every step of the way to help you revolutionize how you recover from a cyber attack, reduce planned and unplanned downtime, and safeguard data for application-centric operating models. Our techniques use industry best practices to tailor your company resilience plans to your specific requirements.


Costs and investments in the cloud are difficult to manage. With no organisational visibility and predictability on usage, it's simple to overspend on cloud services, making it difficult to verify that your cloud investment delivers the speed and innovation you need. A FinOps-based cloud cost management solution brings together financial, technical, and business divisions to build a cost-conscious culture for cloud cost minimization.

Cloud Infra & Engineering

We help clients integrate technology services seamlessly into the fabric of their day-to-day business. SPAR experts provide infrastructure and networking solutions to connect, optimize, and manage private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions across leading platforms, including AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, Cisco, and Arista.


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