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Why Choose Us

What are the benefits?

Great Work Environment

At SPAR, we are committed to cultivating an extraordinary and fulfilling work environment. We firmly believe that a remarkable work environment is crucial for enabling our valued team members to flourish and excel in their roles. Our dedication lies in fostering a culture that is built on collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect, where every individual's ideas are cherished and actively encouraged.

Unlimited PTO

Our team highly values the concept of work-life balance and recognizes its significance in promoting overall well-being. That is why we proudly provide our team members with unlimited paid time off (PTO). We firmly believe that taking regular breaks to recharge and rejuvenate is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life equilibrium. By offering unlimited PTO, we empower our employees to plan their time off according to their individual needs and commitments, ensuring they can strike a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives.

Flexible Hours

Here at our organisation, we place a high value on the well-being and work-life balance of our employees. As part of our commitment to their happiness and productivity, we are pleased to offer flexible working hours. We recognize that each individual has unique schedules and outside responsibilities, and our flexible hours policy empowers our team members to effectively manage their time and create a personalised work schedule that suits their needs. By embracing this flexibility, our employees have the freedom to balance their personal and professional commitments seamlessly.

Medical Insurance

As a company dedicated to the welfare of our valued employees, we place utmost priority on their health and well-being. To demonstrate our commitment, we have implemented a comprehensive medical insurance coverage program. We firmly believe that safeguarding the physical well-being of our team members is not only crucial for their personal welfare but also essential for maximising their productivity. Through meticulously designed medical insurance plans, we provide an extensive range of benefits to ensure that our employees have seamless access to top-notch healthcare services whenever they require them.

Career Growth

In our firm, we hold a commitment of nurturing the career growth and development of our esteemed employees. We firmly believe in providing an environment that fosters continuous learning and professional advancement, empowering our team members to unlock their full potential. Recognizing the importance of equipping our employees with the tools for success, we offer a comprehensive range of opportunities for professional development. Through thoughtfully crafted training programs, immersive workshops, and impactful mentoring, we aim to ignite a passion for growth and empower our team members to excel in their respective fields. By promoting a culture of continuous learning, we ensure that our workforce remains adaptable, knowledgeable, and poised to tackle new challenges and embrace emerging opportunities.

Great Culture

At our enterprise, we place utmost importance on fostering an exemplary corporate culture. We firmly believe that a positive and inclusive work environment serves as the cornerstone of a prosperous organisation. Our core values revolve around promoting open and effective communication, encouraging seamless teamwork, and fostering a supportive atmosphere for all. We hold diversity in the highest regard, recognizing that the inclusion of different perspectives and experiences is instrumental in driving our collective success.

Job Circular

Open positions

UI Developer

Full Time

SPAR Information Systems LLC for the position UI Developer with Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering (any), Technology, Information Systems or related and 1 yr of experience to design and implement front-end business applications while working closely with developers to help generate requirements for backend development. Develop HTML5 prototype documents with CSS3 Style Sheets. Testing UI elements on mobile and desktops. Responsible for the Core UI framework, designs, implements and maintains it. Develop the front-end web page by using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Technical Delivery Manager

Full Time

SPAR Information Systems LLC has openings for the position of Technical Delivery Manager with bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Engineering any, Technology or related and 5 years of Exp to Develop project estimates, work plans, technical solutions, status reporting, resource management and other technical delivery documents as required.

Participate in special projects and perform other duties as assigned. Conduct reviews and walkthroughs for technical project deliverables in an effort to ensure completeness, accuracy, estimated cost and alignment with business requirements. Monitor and track delivery execution across all phases; managing technical work plan hours and budget; managing technical risks and issues, escalating as needed.